We’re not what might be termed avid gamers, but there’s an upcoming game currently garnering a good deal of buzz that we’re quite excited about (and we think you will be, too).

It’s called “Cuphead,” and it’s the first effort from a Canadian developer called Studio MDHR. The animation is hand-drawn, as was the norm long ago, and best of all, it very faithfully reproduces the look of 1930s cartoons (particularly, to our eyes, the work of the Fleischer Brothers, best known for their Betty Boop and Popeye the Sailor cartoons)….

More: http://bit.ly/cuphead


So whenever we watch old movies (which, as longtime readers know, we do often), we spend as much time and energy focusing on the garments the actors are sporting as on the plot, performances and photography.

We especially like it when we encounter a garment, an accessory, a look unlike any we’ve seen before, and we came across an example of just that recently when we watched the Cold War noir, The Woman On Pier 13 (1949), starring Robert Ryan, Laraine Day, and John Agar.

William Talman, perhaps best remembered as Hamilton Burger, the DA Raymond Burr mopped the floor with week after week on “Perry Mason,” also appears in a supporting role as a bad guy (it was his motion picture debut). And in one scene that finds him squiring Day around from one seedy nightspot to the next, he wears a plaid jacket like none we’d ever seen…. More: http://www.cladriteradio.com/life-without-lapels


Happy Father’s Day to dads (and their kids) everywhere, from all of us at Cladrite Radio!


We came across, as perhaps you did, too, a notice or two that actress Mona Freeman had passed away at the age of 87. Hers was a relatively modest career, though she had some well-known projects among her credits.

But what we didn’t know is that Freeman was, in 1941 and at the ripe old age of 14, named NYC’s very first Miss Subways (this despite the fact that she’d never ridden the subway at the time), which meant that her photograph appeared on a poster that was seen by millions of straphangers daily….



The great Hattie McDaniel was born 119 years ago today. Happy birthday, Ms. McDaniel, wherever you may be.


Beginning at 7am ET on Thursday, June 12, TCM is showing eight Ida Lupino movies (six she starred in, two that she directed). Best get that DVR warmed up.


It was 80 years ago tonight that the world’s first drive-in theatre opened in Camden, N.J. It was the brainchild of one Richard M. Hollingshead, Jr. The first movie shown at the first drive-in? Wives Beware, starring Adolphe Menjou (Wives Beware was originally released some months before under the title Two White Arms).

Mr. Hollingshead’s theatre is long gone, we’re sad to report, but the second drive-in ever built—Shankweiler’s DI in Orefield, Penn.—is still going strong.

If you’re within an hour’s drive of an ozoner, you owe it to yourself to pack up the kids and take in a movie under the stars tonight. Not sure if there’s a drive-in near you? Drive-ins.com is the place to find out.


As aficionados of all things vintage and ephemeral, we love coming across items we never knew existed, products we never knew were on the market.

When our mom passed a few years ago, we found this item among the big box of old photos that she’d long promised to organize, but never quite got around to.

The images are not of Mom, though, or one of her relatives; it’s Dad’s younger sister, Aunt Marilyn. Each page of these tiny images is perforated, like a book of stamps, and like a book of stamps, they have adhesive on the back.

We’ve not researched it, but we wouldn’t be a bit surprised if a similar product is available today, from companies like Zazzle or Shutterfly, but we found this booklet of images particularly charming.


The exact location of an historic event in Marx Brothers lore has been discovered!

Marx scholar Rob Bader has pinned down the precise place where Groucho, the first of the Brothers to enter show business (at the ripe old age of 14), auditioned for the Leroy Trio, a singing vaudeville troupe.

Where is this hallowed ground? Visit us at CladriteRadio.com to find out (you’ll also learn more about Groucho’s early misadventures in the business of show)!

And to hear Bader speak at length about the Marxes in Manhattan (you’ll also see a recreation of the Leroy Trio!), be at the Players Theatre in the West Village tonight! Tix still available!